Musik Jam - Group Classes

KK Musik Studio offers enjoyable and fulfilling Musik Jam Classes in Percussion, Recorder and Early Childhood, embracing a holistic learning approach. Classes are developmentally appropriate and designed for all ages incorporating extensive proven music methodologies and sequenced activities. Musik Jam classes encourage students to explore and experience music and instruments from a variety of genres, styles and cultures, sharing in the journey of music making and appreciation with their peers.

Music offers an abundant variety of stimulating, enriching and rewarding experiences lasting a lifetime. Come along and join in our multisensory Musik Jam classes at KK Musik Studio where every student will have the opportunity to embrace music concepts and skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Musik Jam programmes include and develop multiple music skills including music symbols and notation, aural awareness, rhythm, music genres, composers, music from around the world, indigenous music, composition, the orchestra, a variety of instruments, music games, storytelling, ensemble play, composition and music appreciation + more. Students will become competent music readers and will develop a thorough and extensive range of music knowledge and appreciation.

KK Musik Studio offers Kindermusik Early Childhood Music & Movement Classes for Newborns to 7 years. For over 40 years, Kindermusik has been bringing unparalleled music education to children and families all over the world. Kindermusik’s curriculum is based on decades of research incorporating enriching developmentally appropriate music & movement activities with instrument exploration and play.

Kindermusik impacts all learning domains including expressive language, social-emotional development, sensory awareness, fine and gross motor movement, musical skills, cognition and receptive language. Music activities focus on creating an imaginative, creative and delightful learning environment fostering and nurturing the sheer joy of music making together in a class environment. Come along and join in the fun creating unforgettable memories for the entire family.

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