Learning a musical instrument/s is a wonderful journey bringing a lifetime of joy and appreciation. As a music student attending Theory/Musicianship classes at KK Musik Studio, you will have the opportunity to embrace a holistic learning approach exploring a variety of music concepts using traditional and modern methodologies.

Students explore and study a comprehensive musicology programme developing and applying multiple music skills including music symbols, aural awareness, rhythm, notation, music genres, composers, music from around the world, indigenous music, composition, chord structures and progressions, the orchestra, a variety of instruments, music games and storytelling and music appreciation. Students will become competent music readers and will develop a through and extensive range of music knowledge and appreciation.

As students explore and progress in their music journey, they will have the opportunity to attend music examinations in theory, music craft or musicianship in classical or modern styles.

Theory & Musicianship Classes – 1 weekly class.

Duration per class: 60 minutes.

Age Range: Preliminary to Advanced levels.

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Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm, Sat 9am - 2pm

Yester Rd Wentworth Falls NSW 2780

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