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KK Musik Studio offers individual and group music lessons & classes in Piano, Keyboard, Recorder, Musicianship, Percussion, Aural Training & Composition. Beginners to advanced. Adults welcome.
Enjoy learning music in a supportive and inspiring music studio. KK Musik Studio also offers Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Music & Movement Classes from Newborn to 7 Years. Lots of enjoyable music activities for your children and family to share and explore. Come along and join in the fun! Contact us for more details.

  • Piano/Keyboard/Recorder
  • Musicianship
  • Percussion
  • Aural Training
  • Composition
  • Individual lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Early childhood
  • Children/Teenagers
  • Adults

The true beauty of music is that it connects people

– Roy Ayers

Meet Your Instructor

Kylie began her Music studies as a young child and has completed classical and contemporary music education, training and performance in pianoforte, musicianship, early childhood music education and music teaching at USQ. Kylie owns and operates KK Musik Studio offering Music & Instrumental Education to children, teenagers and adults in an inspiring, friendly and supportive atmosphere. KK Musik Studio offers both individual and group from beginners to advanced tuition in piano, keyboard, recorder, musicianship, glockenspiel, dulcimer, composition, aural training, percussion, ensemble, improvisation and early childhood.


KK Musik Studio runs group Musik Jam classes for Kids and Teenagers as well as Early Childhood Kindermusik Classes. Kylie’s music education philosophy embraces the joy of exploring, sharing, learning and creating music together throughout all stages of life. Kylie’s teaching philosophy is based on a holistic approach incorporating traditional and modern methodologies. Most importantly, Kylie encourages her music students and families to simply enjoy their music making and have fun! Kylie’s Kindermusik Classes are full of excitement, belly laughs, giggles and lots of fun for all the family! Throughout our classes, parents are supported and encouraged to participate in activities with their children. Children are welcome to participate at their own pace with no pressure to perform. Come along and join in the fun!




Mon-Fri 2pm - 7pm

Yester Rd Wentworth Falls NSW 2780

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